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Strengthening Our Roots

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Is it possible to take care of our own needs first without neglecting the needs of those we take care of and serve?

I am holding this possibility for all women. And I'm holding it for YOU!

We live in a world that tells us that focusing on our own needs and wants is selfish. Women, especially, are socialized to believe that our worth comes from what we do for others.

Be it our partners, our children, those we serve at work, our extended family, our friends, or our co-workers; we are constantly being asked to sacrifice our time and energy for the people in our lives.

And while it is important to practice generosity and loving-kindness to others, at what point does this become detrimental to our own well-being?

This kind of selflessness is not sustainable. To truly be there for others, we must first be there for ourselves. It is not selfish to strengthen our roots so that we can provide shelter and nurture others from a place of grounded energy and stability and, from this place, give more powerfully.

A strong tree needs strong roots to grow and steady itself. When a tree grows strong and steady, people take refuge under its branches and rest against its trunk. They feel inspired by its presence alone.

I feel called to work with women who are giving everything they have to others and don't have time or energy left for themselves. These women CARE so much; they serve everyone else before they feel like they can connect with themselves, their needs, their joy, their creativity, and their higher potential.

And the big possibility I’m standing for is radical self-advocacy through empowered communication with ourselves and those around us to more powerfully serve those we’re called to without silencing our needs and desires or running on empty. So we can LOVE more. I guide these women to create something for themself through a woman-centered model via one-to-one transformational coaching sessions.

If you resonate with any of this, I encourage you to give yourself and those you love this gift of working with me to explore the nourishment you need to grow stronger for yourself and others. To create something in your life for yourself! It might be the most important thing you learn to do in your life!

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