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I Asked My Higher Self, "Who Am I?"

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

"YOU are enough.

Be grateful.

YOU are whole.

Be grateful.

YOU do not need to look to others for answers.

Yes, YOU can learn from them,

but then YOU need to look to yourself to find out if and how

YOU should integrate what you've learned into your own life.

Only YOU can truly know.

To reside in deep self-trust, be grateful.

YOU are the expert of YOU.

Celebrate YOURSELF and be grateful.

Yet, YOU are not YOU alone,

As YOU are connected to


YOU can use this power to create more love, more connectivity,

more creativity, and more strength in your life.

Feel grateful for ALL of this.

For the miracle of YOUR human life to connect

on a physical level with others.

Be grateful.

Be present in YOUR life so that YOU can see ALL

YOUR opportunities of love, connection, creativity, and personal power.

Be present to be grateful."

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