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Gratitude for Our Inner Saboteur

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We all have a shadow, our inner saboteur, and- at the end of the day- most of us feel the shame of it.

Imagine how it would change our life if- at the end of each day- we addressed this thing we tend to hate with love. What if we said to it:

Thank you for trying to help me today.

Thank you for trying to protect me today.

Thank you for helping me get through my pain all these years.

Thank you for being there when I didn’t know what other resources to use.

I know you meant well and even helped in some ways.

Today, I learned from you.I honor you because you have contributed to my evolution.

I am evolving through curiosity, and today, I thought of new ways to let go of old habits and step forward into my power.

I'm no longer willing to feed into the old paradigm that I'm powerless.

Thank you….

AND I release you more and more every day.


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