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Flowing Into Love

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Rather than trying to force self-love

and telling your mind to quiet itself,

Rather than listening to the thoughts that are asking,

“What should I do?”

“How do I love myself?”

I invite you to try this:

Begin listening to what life is telling you

and Surrender to Life Itself.

This is a lesson I learned from Michael Singer.

When we begin listening to something much larger

than ourselves-

Something we cannot control,

like Spring:

The wetness of the rain,

the songs of the birds,

the quietness of the trees,

the gentle heat of the sun,

the smell of flowers,

and everything in life that is happening outside of us,

we can begin to see that the human mind is working against the natural flow of life.

This is because it wants to be in control to force the end result.

The flaw of this thinking is that we cannot control life.

We cannot force the speed of change that leaves room to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

We cannot force what is not meant to happen,

and we cannot stop what is meant to happen.

I’m currently walking through a life transition stage with my sweet dog companion, Teo.

Our family was told over a year ago that she has bone cancer.

Last year, we decided that we did not need an x-ray to gain a predicted timeline.

I trust that she will tell me when it is time for her to leave her body, and we will be OK.

Still, the veterinarian had predicted that she would be gone in three months, and she has now outlived that prediction by over a year.

We are in this beautiful, unpredictable flow of life.

I, however, also believe that our choices do

change our vibration,

our expansion,

and the course of events in our lives,

yet- rather than through force- this usually happens

through surrendering to who we are at our core

and the opportunities that unfold before us.

By relinquishing control,

we open ourselves to life’s invitations that- when accepted-

effortlessly transform us into the type of being

our mind desperately wants

to fall in love with.


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