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Showing Up

for others and yourself

from an unwavering 

foundation of Love


Caring for others can be incredibly rewarding, and yet it requires us to build deep personal resilience so we can stay mentally strong in difficult times. 

Without a solid foundation, we can feel depleted, hopeless, and even compassion fatigue.

When love is the foundation during times of crisis or confusion, we care for each other, we look after ourselves and we try to do the kindest thing.

I teach  and coach mindfulness skills, so that you can make a shift into loving awareness to create more openness, honesty, understanding and deep listening with those you care for, including yourself.​

Loving Awareness is not

about who you are. 

It's a way of BEING.

Free 30-minute Phone Consultations

1 (503) 461-1891
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I am a mindfulness teacher and coach.


LOVING AWARENESS helped me let go, allow what's present, and turn towards myself with loving kindness through meditation and mindfulness. Only then could I find my true self and wholeness. 


I realized that this moment loves me simply because I exist. Not because of what I did yesterday, whom I helped, or what I will do tomorrow.

The more I practiced awareness and connected to my heart, the more space I created to serve others in my life through grounded empathy, deeper listening, and renewed energy. 

I'm Erin Elizabeth

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One-To-One Coaching


et go of judgement in the moment
bserve your thoughts, emotions, & behaviors
oice your feelings, needs, and decisions
nquire with investigative curiosity
ourish your body, emotions, & spirit
ive back to self & others

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Erin is a caring and open healer that can be beneficial to anyone. She listens with intent that pushes one forward to a growth mindset.
Erin has been able to unfold and reveal several things about my communication patterns that have been extremely helpful to me. Even in the first few sessions; But now after 6 weeks we are going into much deeper places! Erin is the one to bring transformation that you need to your life.

- Joy H, Special Educator, Tutor, and Mother


Really great experience! Will change your life in so many positive ways!

- Andrea M, Special Educator, and Mother

Guided Meditation

Erin held such a beautiful space. I felt so comfortable, and open to receive, which I did. The visuals and sensations I experienced were really quite magical. I connected with myself in ways that I haven't experienced before. I had quite major breakthroughs and understood that I've been quite numb. Now, I'm surrendering and it has contributed to a sense of inner peace.

- Jenna M, Founder of MooreManifestion

Now I understand why Erin is the Loving Awareness Mama. I felt held by her nurturing and supportive presence, which allowed me to go deep into the meditations, myself, my shadow, and my behaviors. I highly recommend Erin!

- Amanda H, Founder of Amanda Heals




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"Fall into loving awareness

and CONNECT to a

new story of possibility."

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